Our Unique Methodology

Energy Future’s fundamentally different approach to learning enables energy industry professionals to quickly and easily gain the critical knowledge and know-how they need to be effective in new roles. Energy Future is unique in creating its material from scratch, and making it engaging and memorable through the skilful use of copy, visuals, 3D animations and music. Entertaining videos and bite-sized lessons are available for your team to access whenever and wherever they want to, via their mobiles, laptops and other devices.
This unique methodology reduces learning times by 60%, bringing your people up to speed and making them more productive faster.

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They have a deep technical expertise. They really understand learning. They understand what the modern learner wants. They understand that people are very time-pressured and want something they can consume in 20 minutes maximum.

The exceptional EF team have created a finely tuned process to deliver the highest standard online learning I have encountered. They have the expertise to create a complete, insightful learning experience in record time.

The quality of their work is the highest – I think they have a very rigorous editorial process. Everything is done and finished to the best quality standard. Very thorough.